This retreat is for managers and leaders who love their work and want to increase their confidence and competence in the more challenging aspects, of their job

How you will benefit:

  • Improve ability to work with differences and conflict.
  • Refine feedback skills. Communicate with greater clarity and purpose.
  • Be more empowered in effective decision making.
  • Model and influence your organization and team toward higher focus and productivity.
  • Nurture the power of being a problem solver first, regardless of the role you have.

We guarantee that you will come away from this retreat with empowering and effective leadership skills that will positively impact you, your teams and the organizations effectiveness and bottom line.

Why learn these skills now?

Research tells us that every few years there is a major shift in how business is conducted. Creative disruption is happening all around us at and more often than ever before. What does that mean for you? Automation is taking over jobs and routine tasks are being done by robots and artificial intelligence. Hundreds of millions of workers will be replaced by 2030 and the consolidation of corporations continues to be a main strategy for growth. The good news in all of this is that critical thinking and problem solving are the most essential but hard to hire skill set employers are seeking in managers and leaders. Robin and I are focused exclusively on how to help you develop, expand and teach these skills to others. Welcome to the revolution!


Lodging, snacks, meals, materials and personal small group interactions with Robin and Scott.


A beautiful setting

Outstanding Oregon-inspired meals

Your accomodations, each attendee has their own room (with two beds) in the lodge.

And sitting area