SadlerRose is a corporate training firm for executive teams and organizations who place top importance on the quality and functionality of their people.

Robin Rose

M.A. Counseling Psychology

For more than three decades, Robin Rose has explored the frontiers of leadership and neuroscience. As a keynote speaker and corporate trainer, she has an unconditional regard for human beings at work and the stress they can encounter. With a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Robin teaches a rare and scientific approach that allows billion dollar companies to get the most from their people.
Her latest book, Shifting Gears: A Brain Based Approach to Engaging Your Best Self, has been field tested on over 100,000 people and is packed with tools for clear thinking, improved relationships, and renewed enthusiasm for life. Robin has trained thousands of professionals who wanted to learn how their brain works, so they could think, act, and communicate at their highest proficiency.

Scott Sadler

C.M.E.C, C.T.A., Certified Coach

Scott Sadler is an executive coach for CEOs,  top executives, and managers who want to manage the pressure to perform and have high functioning teams. As a corporate trainer, he cares deeply about enhancing the most vital and expensive aspect in business, human capitol and having a lasting impact.

Scott believes all problems ultimately have a communication solution. This is why he is known as The Millennial Mentor. This young generation is both valuable and disruptive to the workplace, and many leaders are failing to integrate them effectivley. Scott demonstrates how to relate to each generation, so everyone can feel stable, profitable, and purposeful.